Thursday, September 8, 2016

VMAs 2016

ok so I'm going to probably get some hate here but i just don't get the whole no makeup thing at an awards show...each to their own but this is not my scene. I'm a makeup junkie and i love it. i do have to say though her skin is flawless and she's beautiful either way.

the dress would be nice at sunday lunch, but perhaps not an awards show. i mean it looks like i could get it at H&M. i do love her hair though.

this makes amber look WIIIDDDDE and she has a phenom body. i don't get the sunnies, they make her look like a flog. she doesn't need to hide that face, its fierce and should be seen.

if you're going to do the sexy suit thing then do it properly, this just looks sloppy.


ugh. the fact that she's still doing her hair this way makes me not even care about her shitty outfit.

ps: dear entertainment media...bangs are not revolutionary and do not deserve to be headline news.

also her fake tan is gross and she looks like the nutella mum.

i hate this dress so much. she is so damn beautiful and this is doing absolutely nothing for her. the colour is not good on her, the cut is bad and her hair looks weird around her face for some reason. makeup is pretty...but plain.

disappointing from ashley. C-.

i actually cannot with this woman. even miley has started to grow up. this is just attention seeking and stupid. its not funny.


omg this tan lollll makes ariana look pale. 

oh and xtina called, she wants her early 2000s stripped outfit back.

this dress was amazing on the catwalk...i don't think it works here, its overwhelming, and i hate the earrings with it.

I'm going to leave blue ivy out of this.

her makeup was gorj though, and her hair was on another level.

the dress was just too much though...maybe i would've preferred it sleeveless? or shorter? or not at all?


oh britney.

turns out your comeback was just as much of a letdown as this outfit.

good facial surgery / botox / whatever though. and her body is TIGHT.

who are you? i really enjoy your dress. and hair. you may continue.

so many people went topless this year it really confused me. why is this a thing?

on the other hand, remove the ridiculous wig (or change the yellow to something else) and lose the weird bag and this is FIRE. her body is out of control, her face is perfection, and I'm obsessed with those pants.

i do love the hair but not with this gold...the tones aren't right.

definitely not the worst though.

this is what happens when white trash comes into some money.

oh good lord. where do i start.

her makeup artist should be fired for leaving too much translucent powder on her face, and trying to do  2000s JLo makeup. it was bad then and its bad now.

that top? JUST NO.


she actually looks better in the prison outfit on tv then she does here. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

diddy you are 46 goddamn years old, and literally the richest man in hip hop.

hire a stylist already.

DNCE repeat after me...

N, O.

everything about this is desperate and ugly.

except the guy on the far right. he can stay.


i can't with this....i need a billion laughing/crying face emojis for this.

RuPauls Drag Race wannabes. if you're gonna look like you're doing drag least do it well.

how is irrelevant arianas substantially more irrelevant brother even here? were the organisers that desperate to get the guest list up? this guy is so in need of attention it's life draining.

LOVE this. classy with a bit of spunk, this is mens low key awards dressing done right. could do without the sunnies cos i hate sunnies unless its actually....sunny. go figure.

you look like a junkie from the 80s. I'm not down.

this dress is gorj!! love the outfit. hair is suuuuuch a huge letdown though. its so bland and way too casual and overwhelming for such an amazing dress. same with the makeup...too much. i would've much preferred slick hair all up and a toned down makeup look to let this dress take centre stage.

best dressed by far. this speaks to me on a spiritual level.

she is such a babe, and everything about this is absolute perfection, right down to the attitude on her face, which is giving me life.

i think the time of hailey baldwin is starting and I'm so, so, happy about it.

i hated this when kourtney wore a better version to Yeezy season 3 and i hate it now.


oooh this has such potential. the cape is amazing, but slightly too long for her. the jumpsuit looks fab but gets a bit lost under the cape, and the shoes are a bit lacklustre considering this whole thing is so white. i would've maybe liked an amazing statement shoe with this, and lipstick to match.

makeup and hair is stunning though. so close with excited to see what she does next.

i CANNOT get enough of jaden. not many people could wear cats on a jacket on a red carpet and get my approval but i feel he can do no wrong. he can wear anything and look fab. A

ND THAT FACE. lord have mercy.

omg this bitch is pregnant again?! she needs to be yesterday.

joan could legit wear dog shit and look beautiful. the only thing i have to say here is that i hate the zip. its weird and the silver its affecting me in a bad way.

omg jojo.

to be fair her makeup is fierce.

but like...why are you wearing the curtains.

and the top half looks like cheap polyester lingerie from the local sex shop.

i actually had to check who this was.

JWOWW what the actual fuck have you done to your face?! you look like an elvira themed porn star halloween costume.

nothing about this is good.


her body is OUT OF CONTROL at the moment. this dress is neither here nor there for me but her whole look is fucking gorgeous. she's a babe and her husband is a legend and i don't care what any of you say.

another person who was only invited to fill up the guest list.

and what the fucking fuck is that tie.

her makeup is so beautiful, and I'm obsessed with the glittery lip. the dress is a miss for me though. its hard to make her look bad but this dress sits wrong and the colour is a bit off on her. 

i actually cannot mentally process what is happening here. so I'm just going to list my top 6 issues with it.

1: put the belly away, no one, and i mean NO ONE, wants to see it.
2: the boob chains. why?
3: the makeup...put a little effort in.
4: i can see your shitty little plastic hair tie.
5: they are matching.

take the stupid turbie twist hair towel off and we can talk.

he looks like a 50s movie know, the fat/muscly guys? they look muscly but its really just a barrel chest and high waisted pants?

i actually hate all of these brothers.

THIS BODY THOOOOOOOOOOOUGH. I'm so in love with nicki here. her curves are bomb and her face is fire.

seriously, when did fetish wear become red carpet appropriate?

and he looks like a creepy flasher.

if this was shorter and she was in some heels i would've been all over it.

unfortunately its not and i hate it.

she looks like she got lost on the way to rainbow serpent and its only just realising she's not where she thought she was.

acid is a hell of a drug.

oh rita. you need to half your current formula for dressing and we may be ok.

the jacket is amazing and i love her face but this dress. and THOSE SHOES?! i think she shared some of old mates acid.

again with the plastic surgery. at least i can tell this is snooki.

she looks like a contestant on the bachelor in that dress though.
so many people hated this.

i LOVED it. 

i can't stand jeremy scott as a human but i love his clothes and stella looks incredible in this. her legs go for days and her body is on another level. also that red eye makeup...ADORE.

world dancesport championships contestant, latin ballroom division.

cut her head off and make her taller and this is a winner. her makeup is weird and it swamps her but I'm loving this outfit  as a look.

get zendaya in this asap.

this is so good. i love the dress...dion lee is a master.

she kept it young and fresh with the amazing shoes and her makeup is perfection. some people may have looked sloppy in this but on Tove Lo it works oh so well.

ok so i love winnie. she's gorgeous and has a face from heaven.

but this dress is from the garbage bin at cleggs fabric store and i can't even look at the face veil.

basically it was a good representation of the quality of fashion at the vmas this year.


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