Tuesday, February 16, 2016

grammys 2016

hello....its me....just calling to say you look beautiful adele.
I don't know why you're here alessandra, and I don't particularly care. youre hot, therefore you can stay. 

when your head is A: the same size as your fake norks, and B: the same width as your waist, it might be time to eat a solid meal sweetheart.

 also the dress is gross.

I don't know how many times I have to repeat myself Ariana:

stay out of your mums closet, and stay away from any event I might be interested in. and for the last time...CHANGE THAT BLOODY HAIR.

close to winning the whole night for me....he looks suave and she looks smokin. power couple of the future for sure. she's got that resting bitch face seductive glare down pat. A+.

ok I have a few things to say about this...
suuuuper cute that he brought his little brother (who, btw, is adorbs with his mini beebs side swept blonde hair...or maybe he was the inspiration or JB? whatever I digress.)
not hating Justins outfit. not loving it either. just...meh.
however (and it kills me to say cos ive totally converted to being a belieber)...that bum fluff facial hair HAS. GOT. TO. GO. its creepy and skeezy and hes so much better than that.
also running a toner through that hair wouldn't hurt. 

did someone order their eggs sunny side up? and on a nobody at the grammys?

oh carrie. this makes you looks so much wider than you are. and anything that voluntarily separates your boobs that much is never a good idea. especially when you don't have any in the first place.
(also your hair looks like a wig)

babetown x 2. chrissy looks INCREDIBLE and hes so bloody cute I could just squeeze his little face off. her makeup isn't the best but ill let that slide for today cos everything else is just so good.

trust me, Ciara, we are as angry about your dress as you are.

um....wtf? are you an underdressed caf√© worker that got lost on your way back to the kitchen? this is so inappropriate for the grammys I cant even fathom how you thought this was ok. like not even brushing your hair or slapping on some bb cream!? I cannot sigh loud enough to convey my disappointment.

two words...

death eaters.

so impressed with this. classy and sexy and her face looks gorj. wilmer is a lucky man.

exes... and NO-O-Os.

stop with the fillers. stop with everything and just hurry up and join ariana in exile from my life.


noooooot. loving. this. her skin kind of meshes into the fabric but somehow it also washes her out. a rare fail from Florence.

um. ok. sooooo....where to start.

I totally get that this was part of her bowie tribute which I respect and admire and fully support.

I kind of love how shes gone back to her crazy gaga ways for this, it reminds me of how she used to be on the red carpet...shocking and amazing and inspirational on a whole other level.

the actual dress / jacket is beyond beautiful. the blue is not done justice in these photos, ive seen others which show how truly rich and gorgeous it is.

the shoes...impressive based on lack of walkability.

the hair...the colour is cool, the style is horrid. it ages her and I don't know how because she has clearly had some work done...just sayin.

and finally...the sour puss look that didn't leave her face...get over yourself love you are allowed to smile.

when your ankle looks like its going to snap from the weight of the strap on your shoes, it might be time to join that previous chick in a decent meal. in all honesty, your need for a big meal became apparent LONG ago and its just gross. im so distracted by it i cant even tell if i like the dress or not.

also you don't even sing why are you here!?


miley called she wants her arts and craft project back. hurry tho cos when shes high shes impatient and she is high all. the. time.

everything about this depresses me.


ps johnny depp when you are starting to look as haggard as alice cooper you know your life has taken a downward turn. and your whole ensemble here is atrocious. honourable mention to the horrific sunnies.

this is so tacky. music notes at the grammys? LAME.

I just cannot understand why. like what purpose does the sheer skirt have? its not covering anything. why not just go full vegas showgirl if you want to wear nothing but beads. the boots don't fit properly, the hair is badly done.
I mean, her face looks kind of medicated, and I guess that's the only reason I can think of. too many xanies at pre drinks with miley.

WE HAVE A WINNER!! Nic Trunfio, in the words of Queen B and Nicky....FLAWLESS. everything about this (including your finace) is perfection. its part ziggy stardust, part bangin supermodel chic, and a whole lotta fun. ugh I just cannot get enough of this look.

grandma gaga?

computer says nooooooo.

when you look like Melissa Rivers you shouldn't dress like you think youre JLo.


his wife, meanwhile, looks ridiculous.

i know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed....but can you ever just be...whelmed?

why can i see your undies? and whats with the chocker? AND THE ANNA WINTOUR HAIR!?


i have to say im really getting over t-swizzle. i love the colour clash here but that's about it. i feel like she just went down to the now defunct Barbara Wilson and grabbed a year 12 formal dress and added some cheap ICE ACCESSORIES jewellery. not her best.
i have absolutely no idea who this is but i felt it was important to include.

everyone needs a laugh every now and then. keep this look in mind for any future times you need your spirits lifted, its HILARIOUS.


also you have pink eye. you should get that looked at.

i think travis barker borrowed princess tiamii for the red carpet.

meanwhile the attitude seething from these kids is disgusting. your at the grammys guys, appreciate it.

Ursula the sea witch has returned for revenge on ariel

great aunt gaga? latina cher?
once again wiz has killed it in the mens fashion. this shouldn't work but it does and i love him.

i just cant.


is this a bowie tribute? if youe going to do a bowie tribute go all out so people understand it immediately. and why the suit? IT MAKES NO SENSE.


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