Monday, November 23, 2015

AMAs 2015

im back to do what i do best...
judge celebrities and their terrible
fashion choices.
enjoy x
3 out of 4 look decent, im even cool with the whole no tie situation.

harry. 2 things. cut your hair, and next time you probs don't need to make your suit from nanas wallpaper. like you've got money now, you can afford a real suit.

the bottom of this is passable, but a PU turtleneck?! please. when even your husband looks awkward having a photo taken with you, you know you've made a bad decision.

her face looks like this dress smells bad.

the dress looks like it doesn't fit properly.

this look is just.....CLUELESS

(see what I did there?

oh god. theres literally no one I hate more than ariana grande. go away and come back after puberty hits sweetheart.

even though this seems a little serious for the AMAs, im actually a big fan. she looks sexy but classy, something that a few people could take notes from. JLo, im looking at you here.
I see where she was going with this and im not offended, but something just isn't working for me. I love the whole cape thing, but I think the dress looks like something from the JLo collection of stripper couture.

I kind of feel like she was trying to do a whole 90s look here with the slip dress and hair clips, but she just looks dumb. also, im not a fan of her being cast as Ariel in the upcoming live action Little  Mermaid.

your hair looks like a sperm.

from the back, this is on a whole new level. however theres this awkward point on the front that is either accentuating her "special" place, OR shes forgotten to wax her "special" area and that's actually her. either way its awks.

sweetheart the prom see where im going with this.

in this photo she looks INCREDIBLE. hair and make up is gorgeous.
in this....not so much. its like bindi Irwin lent her an animals skin from Australia zoo for the night. and don't even get me started on the weird ring things.

I hate this woman and have nothing more to say.

ok maybe one more thing...this dress is hideous.

this is the full set of tacky wannabe fashionista barbies...available now at your local $2 shop.

LOVE THE HAIR GURL. the outfit kind of reminds me of a high class escort from the gold coast during schoolies...but your bod is bangin so you can pull it off.


Why wear this on the red carpet?! terrible.
why wear this inside!? terrible.
this is almost super cute, I just wish you'd had a spray tan....the white V-neck is merging with your moon tan.

babe. babe. babe.

youre both a little bit weird and I like it.

love the biebs hate the jeans. and whats with all the band tshirts recently? wearing metallica and nirvana merch wont make you any less of a pansy JB. but that's ok, everyone loves you as a pansy. don't fight it. embrace it. embrace the pansy.

everything about this makes me very, VERY uncomfortable.



 and there we have JLo personally modeling every piece from her new gold coast stripper couture collection. its either that or the lastest fashions in the world of competitive ice skating. I cant tell the difference these days.
whatever it is just stop Jennifer. just stop.
I looooove this dress. I just hate her hair and makeup. way too harsh. and the shoes looks cheap.
this is one of those moments you realize that having a good stylist means EVERYTHING. kendall looks like shes not even real here. like, jaw dropping for something so simple. and im not a huge fan.

on the other hand...#PoorKylie.
Im so distracted by the size of her bum I cant even form an opinion here.

the jacket is a little 80s power country club nana but I think this is a really sweet look overall.

for gods sake man just washing you bloody hair for once.

LOLLLLLLLLLLL oh dear god paula thank you for giving the biggest laugh Ive had all day. this is both the literal definition of mutton dressed as lamb and a walking advertisement for what happens when you develop alcoholism/addiction to pain killers.


ok wait now im laughing even harder at this....the oldies are pulling out the goods this year and I LIKE IT

ugh rebel like I think ive said before...being overweight doesn't mean you have to dress like a Christmas ham.

im pretty sure I like this...

but I KNOW I LOOOOOOVE this. what a huge babe.

considering I usually think he looks like Gollum and a praying mantis breeded and this is what came out, Wiz has scrubbed up a treat and actually put himself in contention for best dressed here.
ok. where to even start.

1: why the octopus?
2: who are you?
3: why is the octopus upside down?
4: why so shiny?
5: again, who even are you?
6: explain this hair to me please.
7: lady gaga did shock value dressing already and if you cant do it better then don't do it at all
8: no seriously...who the fuck are you?

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