Monday, August 31, 2015

VMAs 2015


the claws are out and have been sharpened.

enjoy x

ok. so....we need to talk about miley. like, she's been doing this whole crazy pot smoking free spirit thing for a while now and while i fully support her helping the homeless and LGBT youth and the love she shows to other people, I'm SO done with this bullshit she pulls. i totally get she's all about loving yourself and being free and blah blah blah, but i feel like i can love who i am and be comfortable with myself without seeing her boobs and vajine every 5 minutes. none of these outfits are particularly fashion forward, they are simply being worn to get attention and for shock value. the thing is, sweetheart...nobody is shocked anymore. so put down the blunt, put on some clothes, and for GODS sake....put your fucking tongue away.

i just don't get this. are they calling each other sluts and bitches? themselves? or is it a childish pathetic dig at kylie jenner now she's dating tyga? whatever it is it looks dumb ladies, and makes you look like attention desperadoes. NEXT.

gigi: eeeeease up on the tan babe. you don't need it.
martha: love. total party dress and your legs are incred.
hailee: theres something about this i love...but also something i really, really hate. 
cara: cute. but your sister is hotter...soz.
selena: why wear this tress when you put on something so much better when you were INSIDE AND NOONE SAW YOU? sigh.
taylor: i think you were my best dressed. legit loved this.
girl in white...dress?: just...what. the fuck. are you wearing.
lily: seriously? people as hot as you shouldn't be real.
karlie: ummm just cos burning man is happening doesn't mean you had to dress in your tent. awks. 

how are you still even invited to these thing Aubrey? was making the band, like....a bajillion years (and just as many plastic surgery procedures...meow) ago? EVERYTHING about this oufit is tacky. even your pinky toe is trying to distance itself from this mess.

i don't know why, but i really hate this. oh no wait. i do know why:
the colour of the dress is too pale, and i can't stand seeing that weird stocking material poking through.
the shoes are so close to her skin colour she looks like she has weird pointy feet. 
her hair is too harsh for the dress.
HOWEVER...her makeup is gorgeous and her face looks stunning.

go back to the blurred line days love. OR...just take those boots off. too much for your petite body and AMAZING face. and the dress....phenom.

i love love love this dress. i just...theres something about her i don't like. i can't explain it, maybe its just that she always looks bored and arrogant at the same time. and like, close your mouth or the flies will go in.

this is everything.

i think maybe its you that should stick to cleaning toilets love. 

now we all know I'm a MAH-HASSIVE kanye fan, & lets be honest, i also enjoy a bit of kimmy k. while kanye's outfit is typical of his style and super sleek without being overdone (hey bro...hook a sister up with some Yeezy Boosts...grey size 8), i am really not enjoying kims dress of choice. i get she's pregnant and she looks a million times better than the last one....
but i think when your boobs get as big as your head, a bra might be a good idea.

why are you even here? 


jeez no wonder everyone called khloe "the fat one" for so long...kourtney is legit a little person. 

oh and kylie....lord farquaad/katy perry called, they want their looks back.

oh just stop it already. #perfection.

ok so at first i was like, jlo would've rocked this waaaay harder than nicki. 

then she turned around.

BAM. i don't care if its real or fake...that ass is worth every penny. she owns this like nobodies business.

ugh rebel....just cos your overweight it does NOT mean you have to wear ugly clothes.

bottom half of the dress, hair, makeup: 10/10.

top of the dress: tacky and unnecessary.

I'm over everyones boobs.

this is so gorgeous, and she's a babe, but it makes zero sense here.  i can't fault the look, only its relevance at the VMAs.

planet of the apes 2015.

this reminds me of when you would let a VHS run till the very end and these coloured stripes and that annoying beep would come on the screen.

oh jojo you make this too easy...

this is just too little too late.

i actually can't believe I'm saying this....

but i think i have a crush on the biebs. 

what even is my life. 


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