Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Golden Globes 2016

bow down. the reigning queen of chic does it again. ill even forgive the fact that she is painfully thin as this dress is simply HEAVEN on her. the understated makeup and hair ensure all focus is on the gown. impeccable.

from the side this dress is divine. simple and elegant and offset by a natural looking tan and subtle hair and make up. points deducted due to the fact that from the front this dress did nothing but accentuate alicia vikander's boyish figure. solid B+ for this new comer.

love love love the colour. hate hate hate everything else.

i have to give her credit for trying something this flashy, and at least appearing happy. but the dress is nothing new (seen it on JLo a billion times, sorry), her makeup is washing her out, and she looks so bloody uncomfortable i feel awkward just looking at her.

I'm going to go against the trend here and say how much i ADORE this. no one else but cate could pull this off, and I'm glad no one else tried. it's beautiful and she never fails to wear something unlike anyone else. (and yes just in case you were wondering I'm ignoring the terrible half lego man hair).
if the pants had been just a smidge shorter and she hadn't sat down on the way there then i would be ALLLLLLL over this. i still love the look (a woman in a suit...pure class and domination without being aggressive about it), and even though i usually vomit in my mouth a bit when i see white and cream together, I'm pleasantly vom free this time. turns out, Judith Light, you are, in fact....The Boss. (see what i did

stunning....i love her. radiant in navy and oh so beautiful.

whoever you are, christmas is over. and this wasn't fancy dress. no need to wear a costume that resembles like an emo tree full of ugly ornaments. the end.

so pretty. not overdone. I'm not even mad at the ugly clutch.

ummmm i thought ugly betty was cancelled years ago? my mistake.

obsessed with the hip detail on this.

and in the immortal words of miranda priestly.....thats all.

poor calista looks like a little girl playing dress ups in her socialite mothers extensive upper east side wardrobe. its a gorgeous dress, just not on her teeny tiny frame.

I'm sorry but amy just because you are a curvy hollywood star (i.e. average in the real world), it does NOT mean you have to wear ugly clothes.side note: double hands in pockets makes you look like you lost both hands in a freak red carpet styling incident. don't do it.

my favourite male look of the evening. you cannot go wrong with black on black on black on heisenberg. 

channing, we need to talk about the hair. what. is. happening.
you look like pete wentz. and that is never a compliment.
thank the fashion gods that one of the Tatums got it oh so right. brava jenna, brava.

ps you were banging on lip sync battle. just sayin.

this could've been a standout if it weren't for that giant black blob and the bad grade 6 formal hairdo. khaleesi...NO DRAGONS FOR YOU.


same shit different appearance love. get a new look already.

I'm now wondering if there was a heap of humidity in LA on this day cos everyones hair is atrocious. like why ruin this amazing look with that (once again) lego looking wig hair? put it in a low slick bun/ponytail and we would've had a contender for best dressed.

this dress looks like something chandlers dad wouldve worn in friends. its gross.

loving the navy. classy and clean. and it brings out those dreamy blues of his...*swoon*

SOMEBODY BUY THIS WOMAN A BURGER. Im ok with healthy skinny but this is just not pretty. also the dress is horrid. 

this colour is gorgeous. the dress itself looks like something in the window of Cleggs fabrics (sorry for my overseas readers, that will probably mean diddly-squat to you. just picture 'dresses' made out of rolls of fabric....not a proper pattern, just fabric draped over mannequins. its bad) and the matching shoes are just an ugly rookie error. not good enough for a red carpet veteran.

I'm really torn here. on someone younger, with the top of the dress stretching out over the shoulders this could've been PHENOMENAL. take the ruffles off and jane would've looked smashing. unfortunately i think it swamps her and she looks like she's trying to keep her head above water. brilliant effort but not quite right sorry.

in a sea of ugly this was definitely one of the least offensive. almost boringly so, but at least she looks well put together and age appropriate.  not much leg room for the elaine dance tho...minus 10 points.


again with the half lego man hair like cate blanchett?! i have to blame the weather theres no other explanation for so many bad hair styles. meanwhile I'm loving the dress on her, she's a bombshell through and through.

anyone who can keep their boobs looking this amazing whilst wearing this dress deserves a golden globe. and a standing ovation. and a million dollars. also, pale girl represent.

SLAY GIRL SLAY. laverne is looking HOT. all woman, all the time. i hope someday i can be this pretty.

almost looks like she's wearing 2 different dresses. which i don't necessarily hate, but i don't really know if i like either.  i think the top is almost to casual or ill fitting for the bottom... both could be beautiful with a different part attached to it...i think? i dunno. my opinion shouldn't be this hard to form. NEXT.

i kind of like the direction she was going for here but all this fabric does is age her terribly. the makeup isn't helping either. life must be hard when your brother is super hot...and your just kind of awkward.

LOVE the shoes.

*awkward cough*

soooooo hot. want to touch the

again with the beautiful dress and the shit hair and makeup. over it guys.

seriously though this dress is on another level. 

who even is this wannabe naked sia and her creepy stoner pervert boyfriend. move along.

looking svelte and beautiful, even in a bad prom dress. snaps for latifah.

i feel like last year this wouldve been a winner (think dolce & gabbana fall 2015 ready to wear floral inspiration)...but now it just seems tired. the hair (surprise!) is once again bland and boring and badly done.

this looks like a pantsuit that a fish would wear to its commitment ceremony. 

apparently rooney mara became a flesh coloured shipwrecked octopus between films.

I'm actually loving this on crazy eyes. she scrubs up alright.

a little same same but worse version of Jenna Dewan-Tatum but still nice nonetheless. she looks radiant....

apparently she picked this up at the mall...

you can tell.

colour looks nice though. navy was 100% the colour of the season.

ooh navy!

its a beautifully made dress for a disney princess. maybe a little over the top but i can't complain. its simple (but bold), classic and fits her perfectly. 

i actually love this so much, despite the fact that i usually deplore a peplum. its fun, sparkly and she looks like she's having a great time wearing it. 

i don't know you, but I LOVE THIS. dark and mysterious and that colour!! stunning. hair is almost another fail in a long lists of disasters, but for some reason on you it works. A+.

winner! on and off the carpet. the red is a standout and the simplicity is to die for. everything about this, i love. EVERYTHING.

i so want to love this. the colour is gorgeous and paired with that oxblood its a match made it heaven. i just feel like she's heard she's a 'cool mom' and she feels like she has to live up to it. like I'm glad she FINALLY wore a full dress instead of one that was clearly attacked by some sort animal with sharp claws, but I'm just so over her. plus naomi watts wore a less complicated, un-caped version of this (almost down to the necklace) a few years ago and it was better. sorry JLo. on a redhead. how original.

i really do love her but theres just something NQR here.

oh good lord where do i even start.
1: why are you here.
2: did you make that dress in home economics?
3: pricilla presley called she wants her hair back.
4: no seriously, why are you here?
5: your boobs look uncomfortable, are they ok?


which hurts me to say, cos i don't think she's ugly in the slightest. but whoever dyed her hair and did her makeup clearly has a vendetta against her.

that dress though....YOWZA. on fire.

when i first saw this i was somewhat underwhelmed, but the more i look at it the more i love it. the back detailing is so beautiful, and the double fabric is like something out of a fairytale. the red lip adds a bit of bite. stunning.

im not going to even bother mentioning the hair. you know my thoughts by now.

that colour!! so gorgeous in the sequin, looks like fluid. not loving her makeup but i can block out her face and love the rest. in my top 10 looks, easily.

again I'm not quite sure why she's there, but whatevs. she looks stunning, as usual, even though the dress has a slightly weird fit. she pulls it off with class, and the necklace and shoes top it off perfectly.
*side note: hey amy schumer...if you are going to do the double hand in pocket thing, this is how to do it....hands slightly out so they don't get completely lost. just an FYI for next time.

actually cannot deal with these two. 100% my best dressed couple for the night. how she is even real i don't know, and he is just yummy. even in brown velvet. 

hot hot hot. i cannot stand her in OITNB but my oh my she's looking amazing here.  again, another pantsuit win.

ps i need this outfit.

love Wiz's style!! bringing back the ankle pants and loafers...dude has got some serious flair.

oh this is TO DIE FOR. zendaya you amazing being, you are flawless every time. if i had to pick between you and rosie, i couldn't. equeal first you mega babe. cannot WAIT to see what you bring to the oscars....

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