Monday, May 4, 2015

logies 2015

i feel like all of these women (gina...i use that term loosely with you) have tried to be classy and just ended up looking like trash. standard. 
gold spray painted crocs and all.

boring. been there seen it. soooo many times. 
Ita if you'd taken off that childs tutu around your waist you would've looked BANGING, and shown megan gale how its done.

im not too sure whats happening here but somehow a tall, slender, beautiful woman has come out looking like a pastel marshmallow who's taken too much prozac.

stick to styling houses love.

somehow rebecca has managed to perfect the art of time travel and has come here from the late 80s/early 90s in a boring dress and bad hair.

i think next time shelly leave the DIY at home and don't steal fabric from the middle of your dress to make a new sleeve. nice shoes though.

i don't know who you are but i love a statement shoulder. we can be friends.

incredible dress and beautiful accessories. however she probably should've gone one shade lighter than "bodybuilder mahogany" with the tan.
the phrase is "the higher the SHOES the closer to god"...not hair, just FYI.

"because you know I'm all about that horrible outfit and boring hair...i mean that bass"

ooh look! the little girl from the ring grew up.

SNORE. you're so offing hot jennifer, you could wear a plastic bag and look amazing. but please next time put a little effort in and try something different.

"im a badly dressed celebrity...GET ME OUT OF HERE!!"

props for how you handled announcing the winner before the nominees though, that was funny.

ugh. this is not working for me at all delta. once again you're so beautiful but this is just...bleugh. the dynasty inspired 80s hair isn't helping. you've looked hotter in that spinning chair for gods sake.

one of the better looks for me. even though it was a very similar style to rebecca maddern, the texture and accessories took this to a much better (albeit a little bridal) place. hair could've been better but there was definitely worse on the carpet.

i love her hair and makeup...the dress is gorgeous. the neckline isn't working for me but overall it hugs her in the right places and she looks beautiful. 

love this! not overdone and she looks radiant. a welcome statement. 


DAMMIT PIA YOURE SO HOT. this dress did not photograph well but on that carpet it was AMAZING.

KAK i think its time to retire this dress...and yourself.

so so pretty. age appropriate and a breath of fresh air amongst the black and the boobs. what a babe.

contender for best dressed. safe but OH MY GOD she pulls this off and has the shoulders and d├ęcolletage and skin tone to make this shine on a carpet that is the same colour. stunning.

this could've been great but the fabric looks nasty and kind of like it was a school project gone wrong. its ill fitting and the bottom swamps her.

"really really cheap, really really cheap!" 

wake me up when she's done being bland.

she couldn't have gone wrong with the incredible Paulo Sebastian creation, so beautiful and it highlights her amazing post baby body. love the dark lipstick, the whole look was perfect for the gold logie winner.

I'm going against basically everyone else here but i LOVE this. a different clutch would've won it for me but the dress is incredible and not many would have the guts to wear it. good on you mini valance.  

i don't even know whats happening here.

anthony seems to have gotten a tan from the reflection coming off his jacket. multitasking at its best. 

in the words of one of my friends at work..."she looks like she had sex in an ugly wetsuit sleeping bag and then wore it to the logies"



and take those fucking sunglasses with you.

in other news, conchita wurst wasn't the only man in a dress last night.

favourite couple. always.


again, don't know who you are but I'm feeling thing. terrible photo but beautiful dress.

i actually love the bottom of this dress. the top ruins it, as does she.

WINNER WINNER. this is so incredible i cannot even deal. she is an absolute babe and makes this overwhelming black dress look like a breeze. AMAZZZZING. she's bringing vampires back, and i love it.

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