Monday, August 25, 2014

VMA red carpet

oh hey kim....boobs.

in all seriousness she looks banging.


looks way older than 17. and hot.

at the risk of alienating myself, BORING.
and your body looks weird.

totally ridiculous, jeremy scott.
i love it.

dear (i don't know who you are),
frozen called. they want their dress back.

i don't know who you are either.
but i like your outfit so you can stay.

reminds me of melted pistachio ice cream.
but i still dig it.

love. love. looooove.

again. i don't know who you are.
but you look like the girl from the ring with a makeover.
a really, really bad one.

hashtag: no.

understated. chic. perfect.

i love the suit...the cocker spaniel inspired hair? not so much.

the least repulsive anaconda nicky minaj has shown us to date.
your outfit is as bland as your music. next.

somehow gwen pulls this off. wtf. 


omg chloe, so sweet that you and your grandma share clothes.

i just don't know how i feel about this. thats all.

when your kicks are so white you almost can't see the detail. gangst. 

looking fab miley. almost makes me forget how gross and annoying you really are.

aaand there it is.


oh chris brown.
you and that outfit need to realise how irrelevant you both are.

what the hell j-lo.
you're 45.
how do you look like this. 

meh. been there, seen that.

ummmm.....what? i don't think you're cool enough to reference britney like this.
yeah see, even your z-list date is embarrassed for you.

i just....can't.

sweetheart you look like a child prostitute.

ps get a new hairdo already, this was boring the first time you did it, let alone the 4 million times since then. 

where the while things aren't.

somehow iggy makes this horrendous dress look fab.
those hips don't lie.

couples dressing done right.
i think.
i'm too white to know if this is cool or not.

rehab has done you wonders ke$ha. wait, kesha? kesha rose?
oh whatevs you look hot.

winning at break up revenge.
"fuck you calvin look how hot i am hahahaha"
stop trying to be something you're not taylor.
this looks ridiculous.
you look ridiculous.
everything about you is ridiculous.
ri. di. cu. lous.

go away.

nina "i could make a potato sack look hot" dobrev.
enough said.

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