Monday, April 8, 2013

logies 2013

the best: Samara Weaving (again). this gorgeous girl can do no wrong. she knows a form fitting dress with a lace back is a knockout on that amazing body (last years black gown was an all time favourite for me, of any awards show), and that divine red really stood out amongst a sea of nude and white. beautiful.

the worst: surprisingly enough...NOT Brynne Edelsten (she may have zero sence of style but she sticks to what she likes year after year, gotta give a girl credit for that). it was actually Georgie Parker. there was nothing right about that dress. i actuall think its offensive to dresses to call it that. whatever it was, it was all different kinds of wrong.

honourable mentions: Zoe Foster-Blake. Laura Dundovic. Bec Judd. and while not a huge fan of Jennifer Hawkins dress, the photo below i find to be absolutely stunning. oh...and asher keddie for being so bland. that was NOT a gold logie winners dress.

enjoy. x

and once more for good measure.....

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