Monday, March 25, 2013


today was a very sad day for me. my best friend 
(hereby referred to as biff) got on a plane to go and live on hamilton island for a year. while i could not be happier or more excited for her to go on this amazing adventure, living without my biff for a year is kind of beyond comprehension at this point. 

however, instead of wallowing in sadness and bringing you all down (NOT a great blogging idea) i have instead found the best of the best friends. iconic duos who have brought smiles to our faces.

so, biff, here's to you, and us, and all the other biff's out there who may not be physically close, but that will 
share an unbreakable bond 
for the rest of their lives :) x


                                photo tumblr_mhpll1Kjoi1rrm52do1_400_zps4d4e15d2.gif

                    photo tumblr_lu9q2ocPMt1qe2rjy_zpsc3ba3c03.gif

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